Who is Miss Spirit?

For the last 2 decades Miss Sprit has been helping people like yourself reconnect with their lost loved ones through her work.  Starting from the age of 8, Miss Spirit no advises clients on positive energies, past, present, and future, and helps individuals navigate through the next stages of their life.  Now, Miss Spirit is bringing a little bit of luxury and magic to your home.



Home Visit

Miss Spirit will visit your home for a period of 2-3 hours (depending on size per square foot).  She will carry out a full spiritual assessment on your home room by room, including any outside buildings.  Onsite, Miss Spirit will remove any unwanted spirits, along with any negative energy, thus removing the spiritual root causes of problems in your home/life.  Miss Spirit will discuss any other spirits found within your home, with an option to communicate and/or remove them at the time.

Report (2-3 weeks after visit)

After her visit, you will receive a beautifully presented, report, with photos and plan of your home, including information on the spirits and positive/negative energies found to be present in each room.

You will receive a candle or diffuser to help with increasing the positive energies within your home and full recommendation of other Miss Spirits scents to enhance the energies around you, bringing a little magic your way.

Ideal for individuals who have just moved into a new home and/or are experiencing problems with stress, anxiety, issues with sleeping, and general wellbeing.

Waiting list is currently at 4 weeks.

For further information and/or to book please email info@missspiritlondon.com


Spiritual Readings

Private Reading with Miss Spirit: A private reading session is scheduled for one person.  If more than one person would like to attend the same session, there will be an additional charge.  It is advised that all participants be related or looking to connect with the same family/friends.  Audio and Video taping will not be allowed but note taking is advised.

For the chance to have a private reading with Miss Spirit please email nicola@missspiritlondon.com


One Question

One Question, One Answer:  Do you have one question that you would like Nicola to answer?

Email your question to nicoloa@missspiritlondon.com and Nicola will reply to your question via email.  This is a one question, one reply answer.