Bespoke Home Experience

Bespoke Spiritual Prescience Assessment

On appointment we will arrange for a spiritual advisor to visit your home to provide a bespoke spiritual presence assessment.

This reading is carried out room by room, a complete sweep of your home, we are often called to visit out buildings and or areas that require specific attention. Please do inform us of any concerns you may have - we are highly adaptable and can cater to everyone's needs. 

One of our spiritual team, once identifying a presence, will with your consent, move on any unwanted spirits, negative energies, spiritual energy blockers in rebalancing the karmic spiritual flow of your living space. 

Miss Spirit or one of her dedicated team, will discuss any findings and spirit presence found within your home, with an option to communicate and/or remove them at the time.

You will receive a beautifully presented report with a room-by-room information guide on the spirit, positive/negative energies found to be present in each specific area.

A candle or diffuser from your own aura range will be given to you to assist with increasing positive energies within your home - bringing a little magic your way. 

Ideal for individuals who have just moved into a new home and are experiencing problems with stress, anxiety, issues with sleeping, and general wellbeing. That 6th senses feeling that you are being watched or not alone. 

Please note our waiting list is currently at 4 weeks.

For further information and/or to book please email